Sound Underground - Mobile app

My role:  User Interface & branding
UX&mentoring: Ronit Klein, Create school
Platform:  mobile app
Main Challenge: To create&design a mobile app that engages the audience during their travel

Competiton: Google maps, Trip advisor, cool cousin
Target Audience: Music lovers, mainly X generation
Content: Landmarks in London, details on singers and unusual neighborhoods in London
Design tone: Combination of the underground brand identity & music concepts

Inspiration & idea

One of the things that motivate me during the day is music. There is something in British music that combines pleasure, freedom, and rebellion very appealing to me. The second thing I like to do is travel the world, always from a local point of view, to know the local people and learn about each place's history.

Graphic research

During the research, I understood that you could be creative while making navigation products. However, you still have to use conventional patterns when you work on elements like navigation buttons, maps & more. It's hard work to make things simple!

As part of the research, I discovered a new graphics area - environmental design, and it's influence on product and digital design. I found inspiration in graphic works - like Massimo - Vignelli's NYC subway design, and Debora Sussman's work on Euro Disney.

Research challenge

The biggest challenge I had was to combine the familiar visual language of the London underground and the extremely eclectic & wild aesthetic the artists have.

Besides that, I enjoyed exploring the locations & the history of these musicians. I discovered new music and new places I want to visit.

The project

Sound Underground is a mobile travel app that gives London tourists access to a route to places where all of London's most significant musical artists have grown up and developed their fabulous careers.

London is a city that everyone dreams of visiting. It has a great music culture, so many singers and productions have started their way there. There is probably something in this city that makes them take out their creative side and continue to break out in the international arena.

The user lands instantly to interactive screens that explain the experience he/she will get after signing in.

Home page -
choose your artists.

The user chooses its London destination and favorite musicians. Every musician/band is markered in color on the underground tube line, so it will be more comfortable in the next steps for the user to make the orientation of their trip much more accessible.

After the app filters user's picks, he gets a full day schedule with lot's of locations to explore, the underground station's color marks each station much more comfortable for the user.

The user gets the destination's, the exact way to get over there, a recap on the travel destination: how much time it takes to get there, the transport he needs, and a summary of reviews other travelers gave that location. And if he wants, he can switch places very quickly.

Destination details

The full detailed page shows the user the complete details on the destination, such as location on the map, how much time visitors usually is there, web links that go directly to the location's owners, and full reviews.

After scanning this page, the user will have more info about the destination if they feel uncertain.


Explains precisely where the user is headed to and allows him to switch destinations or cancel them. 

Live travel page

The user sees the destination they're headed to and nearby places they might want to visit.

View all page

Allows the user to see the full route of their chosen journey and navigate to every place easily.

Conclusions & after math

While designing the app, I had a lot of challenges. Some of them included design questions I had. Some of them have been more in the content and location area. I have a new respect for environmental design & I understand after this project that the difference between physical or digital products is not that big. Most of the time, you need to follow the same rules.